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Our Carpet Cleaning Business Depends on Satisfying You

When we began cleaning carpets and upholstery, Triple D's made Customer Service our Greatest Priority, providing the best steam cleanings at economical prices. The effort we put into cleaning carpets cannot be beaten. Our commitment to satisfying customers earns us referrals and customer praise, and that distinguishes Triple D's as one of the best carpet cleaning businesses in Fayetteville and surrounding areas.

Our customer base has grown through word of mouth and a strong social media presence.  You can find us on social platforms such as: Google Business, Facebook and Instagram. Throughout the years we have provided carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and car interior cleaning services in the Fayetteville and surrounding areas. As we strive to be the Best Carpet Cleaning company in Fayetteville, customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Our expert cleaning staff are polite and highly-experienced. We are constantly striving  to remain one of the Best Carpet Cleaning Companies in the Fayetteville area. We are also proud to serve our Soldiers on Fort Bragg and other Military housing areas.

Odor Removing Specialist

Exterminate odors, don’t hide them! Rid your car, house and office carpets of odors from smoke, food, bacteria, mold & pet odors. Customers can always tell the difference. 


Fair And Honest Carpet Cleaning Prices 

We give you an honest price quote, and our carpet cleaning prices do not change or get “adjusted” (a questionable “bait-and-switch” tactic that some other cleaning services are known to engage in). Firms offering cheap prices to hook your order may end up asking for more when the job is actually done, or will deliver a brief incomplete cleaning without spending the time necessary to really get your carpets, upholstery and rugs clean.

At Triple D's Carpet Cleaning, we quote and charge fair prices, and give a 100% Guarantee that we will spend as much time as needed to clean your carpets, upholstery, rug, tile, or car to your gratification. We are not done cleaning until you are happy with the results. There is nothing hidden and no surprises.

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Chemical Treatment Process.

Cleaning Upholstery, Rugs, Hardwood, Tile and Cars                                                                                                                  

Let's be honest, Fayetteville and surrounding areas usually need more than just carpets cleaned vacuumed. Tripe D's provides expert services on the following: furniture cleaning, rug cleaning, pet odor and stain removal, chemical treatment, deodorizer, mattress cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and natural stone cleaning. We offer car upholstery steam cleaning of which exceptional care is taken. Meaning we go above and beyond to make sure every inch of the vehicle's upholstery is cleaned. We also handle Fayetteville water damage with the same skill and care as we do when faced with any other cleaning job.

See the difference?

Skin Irritation and the Problems it can Cause

A lot people have this issue of when they are exposed to dust and bacteria their skin becomes itchy or even swells. This is particularly common when you have pets in the house, because as cute as they are, furry animals carry filthy germs that stick to the carpet.

To avoid these complications to your family’s health, you should always make it a point to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned by professional cleaners at least semi annually. 

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Triple D's Cleaning Service, LLC is a HomeAdvisor Service Award Winner